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Over a million people choose ArcGIS to manage data and analyze information to make decisions that drive their daily operations. ArcGIS Open Data provides organizations around the world the ability to share their authoritative data in multiple open formats, so that it can be discovered by scientists, students, businesses, journalists, and citizens.

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Anyone can search across the entire community of shared open data by visiting By providing a single place to find data, people can discover data across governments and geography to make better decisions.

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How Does ArcGIS Open Data Work?

Leave your data where it is–whether on ArcGIS for Server or in ArcGIS Online–and simply share it as Open Data. Configure your own branded Open Data site and your data can then be accessed and downloaded in multiple formats without extraneous exports or transformations.

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ArcGIS Open Data community

ArcGIS Open Data community provides direct access to thousands of government open datasets. Citizens can search, download, filter and visualize this data through their web browser or mobile device.

Data Driven Detroit

Data Driven Detroit (D3) believes that direct and practical use of data by grassroots leaders and public officials promotes thoughtful community building and effective policymaking. As a “one-stop-shop” for data about the city of Detroit and the metro area, D3 provides unprecedented opportunity for collaboration and capacity building in Southeast Michigan.

Maryland iMAP

Maryland's Geographic Information Office (GIO) strives to meet the needs of their customers by providing everyone with the best possible data available. Quickly search for data and geographic content from Maryland contributors.

Open Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina's open data site holds all of the city's data, both spatial and non-spatial. This readily available and unbiased information provides Charlotte's citizens with a higher degree of visibility into public services, which can enhance and sustain trust in local government.

Getting Started with ArcGIS Open Data

4 Steps to get started

  1. Enable Open Data capabilities
  2. Specify Groups for Open Data
  3. Configure Open Data site
  4. Make site public

Unlock your data

Share authoritative datasets with just a few clicks by uploading your content to the cloud or from web services that connect directly to the source.

Data to go

Download data for offline use in any application that supports open machine readable formats such as CSV, KML, or Shapefile.

Create a centralized community

In addition to your own datasets, you can freely add data from surrounding or governing organizations to your site. Simply search for groups of data outside your organization to bring related authoritative data into your site.

Use your style

Leverage the site editor to build your site the way you like. Hide or Show a map, move fully customizable widgets around the page to create the site you envision. Want more? Switch from wizard to code view and build in your own experience!


Discover datasets for your apps, access them with the Esri GeoServices REST Spec or GeoJSON in the API of your choice.

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